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#PinkBou Style Inspiration- Holiday Edition Part 1

So the holiday season is approaching rather quickly! You know what that means right?! There’s going to be a party, gathering, or something of that nature at every turn. 

I decided to share a quick little versatile holiday style that can be friend, family, and date night friendly. A style that you can dress up or down…

When dressing up (not only for the holidays) I always try to think of something that is not only cute and stylish, but comfortable and pocketbook friendly! 

The beautiful thing about styling is that you can always go thru your closet and gather up your old items and just make them work!

Ok.. Let's get into these D E T A I L S and where some of these items came from! Let's Goooo!!! 

Look #1

Ok! So I purchased this blouse for only $10 from another fellow BLACK OWNED SMALL BUSINESS OWNER named Shena Jones Maxwell. The name of her boutique is SHE'S THRIFTY! Shena is what I like to call a Thrift Store Purchasing Connoisseur <Put Some Respect on her CRAFT>! 

She has an awesome eye for detail! She is great at acquiring pieces that you and I would probably overlook. She does an excellent job at giving you ideas on how to style your items that you purchase from her! Not only is she a "master thrifter" with beautiful thrift pieces in her boutique collection, she also offers non- thrift items (that are fashionable as well) as part of her online store. 

So get on over to the website and check her out! Oooo!! I almost forgot!!! Her BLAZERS! They out the BLAZE in BLAZER! They're HAUTE!!!

The next item I have on in this picture are some plaid biker shorts from my boutique THE PINK BOUTIQUE .These are also only $10. Search for "Paid in Plaid" or "Plaid"! 

With this entire look I decided to just tie the shirt in a knot and throw on some red Gucci calf socks and ankle booties. Simple, Comfortable, and Ccaauuttte!

Look #2

There are sooo many ways that you can style these shirts (check out my other blog - 8 Different Ways to Wear Your L/S Shirts). 

I opted to keep it simple and comfortable! 

Look #3 (View 1)

Okkk... I love, Love, LOVE mixing patterns with my fashion. I have 4 different prints that I absolutely LOVE -- (Camo, Plaid, Leopard, and Black/White Stripes).

With this look I decided to swap out my SHE'S THRIFTY blouse with another thrift store item -- My Camo Shirt/Jacket. I purchased this several years ago from a Salvation Army Thrift Store for about $10 I decided to use one of my older belts   because it added a pop of color! I also switched out the boots too. In this pic I have on a pair of Jessica Simpson booties that I purchased from Amazon Prime for $60.

Look #3 (View 2)

Look #3 (View 3 w/ accessories)

Just wanted to add a little more flair with my Red Panama hat! 

Look #4 (View 1)

Whewww!!! These BOOTS! Ok! With this look I added another one of my fav prints -- LEOPARD! I purchased these boots about 2yrs ago for about $120 from FSJ Shoes.

These boots are perfect for any type of date night or girls night out! 

Look #4 (View 2)

OMG! I love these BOOTS! 

 Again... fashion and how you style your clothing doesn't have to be all about name brands! As you see, we just looked at a couple of ways to incorporate your name brands with a couple of thrift items as well! 

Happy Holidays... Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Holiday Edt!

Let's get into these DETAILS & where to cop these items...


  • Camo Jacket/Shirt - Salvation Army Thrift Store $10

  • Plaid Biker Shorts - The Pink Boutique (search “Plaid”) $10

  • Blouse - She’s Thrifty (Shena Maxwell - IG @_shesthrifty$10

  • Black Ankle Boots - Jessica Simpson - Briyanne Ankle Boots (Patent Leather Black) from Amazon Prime $60 

  • Thigh High Leopard Boots - FSJ Shoes $110

  • Laced Gucci Ankle Booties - Gucci (Personal Shopper via Instagram @PinkSolesJunkee) prices vary these were purchased at a steal for $850

  • Red Gucci Socks - Previously purchased on sale from Barneys New York (when they went out of business last year)

  • Yellow Belt - Off White brand (old belt that was previously purchased)



  • I really love look number 3! I need those shoes in my closet. Lol. I love all the patterns together and the shoes really put the look together for me! 😍😍😍😍

    Clinique Moore
  • Love them all but look #3 is the one for me

    Angela Brown
  • Love look #4 🔥 Spicy & Edgy!

  • I love em all,but #4 is my favorite🔥

  • I love em all,but #4 is my favorite🔥


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